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The “Not A Square” Experience

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Hello, Friends! I am so glad you are here! Check out my Ravelry or Etsy to browse my designs!

WARNING: I talk about brownies below. I might be hungry while I write this. And I might be in need of something yummy to go with this perfect cup of coffee on a dreary June morning!

Today I celebrate one month since the release of my crochet pattern “Not a square toy”, and friends. Everything around this design has been filled to the brim with joy. The interactions and connections I have made on social media, the responses from my customers who love the design, and the cheers of my friends who are happy for me and with me. I could not have even hoped or dreamed of this kind of joy around my first crochet pattern!

It’s just been a “the cream cheese icing on the perfect brownie” moment.

Not a Square crochet toy pattern made with Lion Brand Jeans yarn. Designed by Ila Quinn Designs.

Crochet is such a joyful part of my life! It is styled and quirky, and my moments of peace and a deep breath during a stressful day. It feels like freedom to my hands! It was the first craft I ever learned and it lets me do whatever I can think of! I can make it look like anything I want, and if it doesn’t work I can just frog it and try again! Speaking of frogging. I remade my latest pattern 4 times, and it was totally worth it!

“Go Insane, Go Insane, Throw some Skittles, Make it Rain”

Sometimes joy strikes when we don’t expect it. And sometimes we have to make a little joy when the world is being stingy with the icing. I’m going to bask a little in the happiness and take this feeling along with me into my next pattern (which is coming very soon!).

I’m going to go make brownies now. I can’t stand it anymore!

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