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The Cross Stitched Beanie:

Want a beanie you never want to take off? I thought so. I have your head covered!!!

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Crochet Slouchy beanie hat pattern
Ila Quinn Design

Ok, listen. You and I both know that hand dyed yarn is the actual best thing in the world. It is higher quality then anything you can find in a store, it’s art in it’s self and creates unique and individual pieces, it’s softer by a million softness points, and the drape is on point! But since most hand dyed yarn is wool I have had to avoid it (sobs into her coffee). My dear friend Teresa from Fuzzy What Knots immediately thought of me when she added cotton yarns to her shop! She let me play with a skein and it begged me to become THIS PATTERN!

I also went and got more of this cotton because I want to make everything out of it and I figured I should start my collection now!

Ok. now lets talk about the pattern.

Crochet Slouchy Beanie Hat Pattern

I wanted to showcase the colors in this yarn and really let it shine. But I also really love a bit of texture and pizzazz in my patterns. I alternated rows of close stitching that show show little rainbow hearts with cross stitched weaving rows that take the rainbows go up instead of across, and make such a fun design! Plus they are like giant cross stitches! My loves have united at last!

This pattern is a beginner to intermediate level. It does use some more advanced techniques, but I explain them really simply to help clarify so its definitely accessible for anyone looking to learn a bit and grow!

Check out Etsy, Ravelry, or LoveCrafts to get your pattern!

And thank you all for the warm welcome to my new yarn baby!

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