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The Baby Dragon

crochet dragon costume baby halloween handmade costume comicon dragoncon nerd geek costume ideas homemade costume ideas
crochet dragon costume baby halloween handmade costume comicon dragoncon nerd geek costume ideas homemade costume ideas
The Baby Dragon Crochet Halloween Costume that is cozy and warm for baby, and endless fun for mom and dad to cuddle!

Hello, my friends!

I wanted to pop on today and share a little bit about my pattern coming out next week! The Baby Dragon Costume. This project has been a long term passion for me, and I am so pleased, proud, and excited to be bringing it full circle and releasing this pattern!

The Baby Dragon Crochet Costume Pattern PDF Amigurumi style costume for babies Dragoncon Comicon geek costumes Game of Thrones Dragons
The Baby Dragon Costume is a beautifully textured masterpiece. Sure to be a show stopper at any events, this costume will bring squeals of “Your baby is sooooo cute!”

A little history, and the story behind the Dragon.

I am the middle child in a family of 5 and I spent most of my time in middle school, high school, and even into my college years taking care of the younger two. They were quite a bit younger which meant they thought I was super cool and funny (Hello confidence booster!).

One of our favorite games to play in the summertime was that I was a baby water dragon who would chase them around the yard shouting “I’m the baby Dragon!” while attacking them with hose water.

Dragon costume Baby Dragon Halloween costume for babies and toddlers Amigurumi style costume Dragoncon Comicon costume party Babies first halloween
And you thought your baby was cute before you put them into a life-size amigurumi Dragon costume!

Side note: Did you know you aren’t supposed to drink water from the hose anymore? Because (in my best old lady voice) back in MY day, we totally did that sort of thing.

Full Circle:

Fast forward quite a few years and I was having my son, whom we named Drake (which means Dragon in old English), and I was already thinking about his first Halloween costume. Gleefully, I trapesed off to Michael’s to find some yarn and I freaked when I found a gorgeous Kelly green. My maiden name is Greene, I’m Irish, AND Dragons are my favorite creatures! It was perfection!!!

Amigurumi style crochet Dragon costume for Halloween Dragoncon Comicon and costume parties
This beautiful Crochet Dragon costume is perfect for keeping baby warm while trick-or-treating and is sure to bring squeals of delight from all! This costume is soft and comfortable for baby, and makes mom and dad feel like they are carrying aroud a giant stuffy!

I hadn’t ever designed crochet clothes but I had designed sewing patterns a few years before. I used that knowledge of deconstructing clothing into its pieces to learn how to assemble this. The whole time I was making it I kept thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool to sell these?” Two years later I did just that. And I’ve been spending my falls making these costumes since! I have made nearly 50 of them in the last 6 years. And I still sigh with deep contentment each time I begin.

This pattern was a culmination of so much of my heart and life. I will always cherish it as something special. Are we allowed to pick favorites? It’s definitely my favorite!!!

Dragon costume Baby Dragon costume for babies and toddlers comicon dragoncon amigurumi style costume halloween
The softest and sweetest Dragon you will ever get to cuddle! This costume is perfectly comfortable for the baby and perfectly darling for everyone else!

Earlier this year I took the plunge and learned how to write crochet patterns. I had a fun idea for a sweet little toy so I took my first little jump into the world of crochet patterns. I knew The Baby Dragon was going to be close on its heels. This needs to be out in the world!

The costume is going live on Saturday the 17th of October! That’s less than one week, friends! The sizes on the initial pattern will be for newborn to 24 months with information on sizing adjustments! And I WILL be adding more sizes!!! This will be the first pattern I size up to adult sizes, so stay tuned for that if you want to make a costume for a bigger kid or for yourself! The possibilities are going to be ENDLESS!!!!

Book mark the blog, or come back on Saturday for a freebie make that goes hand it hand with the costume for halloween night!

Now that you know the history of my favorite animal, I want to know yours! Drop below and tell me your very favorite. Real or make-believe!

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