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Free Pattern: The Baby Dragon’s Egg Basket

Hello, Friends! It’s been such an amazing weekend! I am so excited to have published my first Crochet Costume Pattern! Live on Etsy and Ravelry and Lovecrafts!

The Egg basket is also available in an add free Beautifully formatted PDF HERE!

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Crochet costume Halloween comicon dragoncon Game of thrones costumes handmade costume ideas halloween decor
Grown ups like stuffed animals too! Especially when it’s actually their baby!

It’s not a pattern launch if something doesn’t go wrong, right? So the blog hiccupped and I wasn’t able to post on release day (until very late). But it’s back up and acting normal, so now I’m going to share a little freebie I wanted to have as a bonus companion pattern to go along with The Baby Dragon Crochet Costume.

Before we get to it, can we take a moment to appreciate how stinkin’ cute this lil’ guy is as a Dragon?

Dragon costume Baby Dragon Halloween costume for babies and toddlers Amigurumi style costume Dragoncon Comicon costume party Babies first halloween
And you thought your baby was cute before you put them into a life-size amigurumi Dragon costume!

Above is a shot of him in the first costume I made for photos. This isn’t even his Halloween Costume this year, but I still made him one!!! I left his toes out on the second one because my little guy wants to walk so badly, and he just got mad when I put him in a costume with feet the other day. He doesn’t look mad up there, but it didn’t last long!

Crochet costume Halloween comicon dragoncon Game of thrones costumes handmade costume ideas halloween decor
This little man was ready to fly off! Keeping him contained during photos was a chore. His siblings helped with, but not with lasting effects.

I wanted to make him a little trick or treat basket he could carry around and play with. Something not to big, but that he could stuff toys in or something. I love crocheting baskets, but I wanted this one to be themed for the costume and dragons and eggs go together, so….

Crochet Dragon Egg pattern free on blog egg basket candy basket homemade DIY halloween bag ideas gift basket bucket handmade baby costumes
Tiny and cute just like the baby who goes in the dragon costume. This basket is small enough for them to carry around and fill with candy or blocks, what ever the baby sees fit to fill it with!

I designed three different baskets before I landed on this one. I wanted it to actually look like an egg, and really struggled to get yarn held single to do this for me. I’ve been making baskets for years and always held two are three strands together to create a better fabric. Fun fact. I don’t own a dresser. I have green crochet baskets on shelves in my closet that house my clothes!

So after I quite fighting what I already knew the pattern came quite quickly!

Crochet egg candy basket cute basket ideas halloween bag handmade homemade halloween candy basket for baby toddler children kids diy decor egg basket ideas
What came first, the crocheter or the egg?

Supplies to collect before we begin!

6.5 mm K hook

1 skein of Worsted weight yarn (since we are holding the yarn together you can just pull from the center of the skein and from the outside. This makes it easier than separating out sections) I used Loops and Thread Impeccable from Michael’s in white. But really anything will do! I want someone to make a golden egg so I can gasp and squeal!

A pair of Scissors

A Dull pointed darning needle.

crochet egg basket bag halloween candy bucket dragon egg dragoncon comicon diy basket ideas homemade handmade crochet baskets
Look at the texture!!! I’m such a sucker for a textured stitch…


Make a Magic ring

8 SC STs

Round 1: *DC SC* in each ST around. 16

Round 2: *DC, SC DC, SC, DC SC* around. 24

Round 3: *DC, SC, DC SC* around. 32

Round 4: *DC, SC, DC, SC DC, SC, DC, SC, DC SC* around. 40

Round 5-12: *DC, SC* evenly around. 40

Round 13- 14: *DC, SC, DC, SC, DC2Tog* around. 32

Clip yarn and pull through.

Crochet costume Halloween comicon dragoncon Game of thrones costumes handmade costume ideas halloween decor Crochet egg basket for halloween candy homemade handmade diy candy bag
Is mom looking? Maybe I can chew on her peppermint patty…


Chain 7

Row 1: DC in the second chain from hook, SC in the next ST. *DC, SC* across.

Row 2-12: Repeat row 1. Clip yarn and pull through.

Weave in all ends and attach the handle to the basket like shown on the sloped sides of the egg near the top!

Fill with candy, and then eat it all!!!

This basket also makes a great Easter basket! An egg filled with tiny eggs makes the cutest gift! Make sure to make them in all the colors of the sherbet rainbow!!!