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December Make Along: Interview with Leah Gordon @iplaywithfiber

All the links in this post will go directly to the content of the person I am interviewing! Please explore their content and follow along through their various sites, shops, and emails for more amazing patterns!

If you click any of the photos it will take you directly to that pattern or product!

When did you start crocheting/knitting, and why?

“Started at 12, kicked it to the curb until 27 as a means to mend a strained relationship between myself and my stepmom.”

What are your favorite items to create and why?

“My favorite items to create are cozy hats and scarves because they’re wearable hugs in fashion statement form!”

Tell us about a design you are particularly proud of, and what sets it apart from the crowd?

The Regina Blanket Scarf, because it’s dedicated to my mom for teaching me how to crochet and always believing I was destined for creative pursuits.

Will you show us your contribution to the December MAL?

Leah Gordon of I Play With Fiber in her Levi scarf.

Tell us a few features of this design and what you love about it?

Filet crochet with intentional slip stitches create a fun, breezy, and seasonally transitional accessory!

(Side note: I made this scarf, and my favorite feature is that it can be tied in knots and worn a million different ways! It is SO fun to make!)

Do you make other things besides yarn art? What are your hobbies or other products in your business?

“I’m all about yarn, but I do have stickers and enamel pins reflective of my work in my shop.”

Tell me something that you want other people to know, or that you wish more people understood?

I wish more people understood that crafting can be life-changing, and everything about who we are as individuals is reflected through our work.”

Will you show us a few of the things you have designed or made?

Huge thank you to Leah for participating in this MAL and for letting us get to know her a bit and see her amazing pieces!

Follow Leah on IG for her Realness, and her Reelsness!

Are you inspired to make a statement piece now?!?

I’m adding a Regina to my closet ASAP!

Go check out Leah’s collection of patterns, and then come back and tell me which one is your favorite!!!