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The Starburst Ball Crochet Toy

Crochet toy pattern Crochet ball pattern Crochet science toy Crochet block Crochet cube crochet toy pattern with photo tutorial
Crochet toy pattern Crochet ball pattern Crochet science toy Crochet block Crochet cube crochet toy pattern with photo tutorial
A crochet toy that bounces? YOU BET! Meet the unique and beautiful “Starburst toy”

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Do you ever have those ideas that wander around in your mind for ages? They might be there for years and you get so used to them being there that they become part of the furniture in your mind? Each of the three toys I have designed were that way for me. They have been with me since I was a kid myself. Oh, but it has been so refreshing to bring them to life and share them!

The Starburst Crochet toy

First the specs!

The “Starburst Toy” is created with 24 individual spikes that are sewn together in a cube. This is really exciting to me because the toy is a ball, but it is constructed like a cube! Which makes it the perfect addition to my cube-shaped toy collection!

My very favorite feature is the BOUNCE. Did you know a crochet toy can be a bouncy ball? Because it can!!! I designed this toy to be crochet tightly and stuffed well. With these two features that bounce is on point. The spikes make it unpredictable on the post bounce direction which will keep kids entertained for hours! Adding a little bell into the center makes it a mild jingle which adds to the fun factor too!

Naming this toy was a little tricky. I had so many ideas in my head and I just couldn’t decide which one fit best. As is often the case it came organically from my tester Leah. I told her I was struggling with the name and listed only a few of the names I had floating around in my brain. She told me she thought they were good ideas, but she had been calling it “Starburst” in her head. And just like that the toy named it’s self!

A starburst is a pattern of rays that radiate from a central object like a star!

Crochet ball crochet toy crochet cube crochet block crochet toy pattern PDF Crochet gift ideas Crochet babyshower gifts Crochet toys for kids Crochet bouncy ball Crochet Science toy Crochet Star toy
Look at those rays of sunshine!

Isn’t that the perfect name!

Now that the name and design are perfect I’m ready to send it out into the world!

You can find the link for the easy to read PDF that features photo tutorials, written instructions, and schematics to aid in the construction! This pattern is good for the intermediate crocheter or for a beginner level crocheter that is looking to expand their skill set! With nearly 20 photos to go along with written instructions, the pattern is very user friendly and approachable!

The spikes themselves are quick to assemble with easy repeats which makes this great for working on in the evenings while you are watching a show!

Crochet spike toy pattern PDF ball block cube baby toy gift ideas handmade gift toy pattern beginner crochet intermediate crochet pattern
These little spikes work up quickly and area great for evening crochet while you watch a show and drink hot cocoa since its to late for coffee!

These toys are fun for kids of all ages. And I do mean all ages. Because I showed my grown adult sister the toy a couple weeks ago and she squealed and bounced it around just like my little ones do! It is one of those toys you will want to make for everyone in your life with a little or a big who likes to play!

Check out my Ravelry, Etsy, or LoveCrafts to find the PDF and get going on those Christmas gifts! And while you are there see my Intermediate pattern Not a Square and my Beginner friendly pattern Solve for X!

Crochet toy crochet cube crochet block toy pattern PDF crochet toys for babies crochet Christmas gift ideas baby shower gift ideas
These crochet blocks are great as rattles, pillows, and quiet toys! The ridges are easy for baby to grab and can be kicked and bounced around!

Lastly, I wanted to offer some yarn options! I know yarn weights can be confusing so I thought I would compile a list of yarns you might like to use for this project that are available for sale through

Paint Box Yarns Simply Aran

StyleCraft Special Aran

Lion Brand Vanna’s Palettes

Lion Brand Vanna’s Style

Tell me in the comments who you think would love this. I am seriously thinking about making some for a couple adults I know who are kids at heart. And I kind of wish my Grandpa was still on earth because I think he would have gotten a kick out of it!

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Solve For X: Crochet Toy!

Check out this new pattern on Etsy and Ravelry!

Follow me on Pinterest for all the stitchy goodness!

Its here, its here, its here!!! Look at this bright beauty!!! I am SO in love with this gorgeous toy! Like my last one, I cannot keep this away from my kids. They sneak into my craft room and run off with it ALL THE TIME. Trying to get pictures taken before it dissapeared into the depths of their rooms was a CHORE.

The Neon Sundrop Crochet Toy in Lion Brand Cupcake colorway “Clown Car”

But I wouldn’t have it any other way! If I’m going to make something I want it to be well loved! I’m never happier then when my kiddos are excited about a new pattern. I’m so lucky to have such a support team. We would make big corporations jealous.

Lovecrafts recently asked how I express myself through craft. My answer is my kids and fibers. And when those two meet there is magic! I was struggling with the yarn choice for this toy and I ended up asking them what I should do (kind of in desperation). The first words out of my eldest boy’s mouth were “You should make it a kind of a rainbow”. I don’t know if this is what he envisioned when he said that, but he loved the outcome and is so proud to have contributed to the final product.

My daughter inspired the Not a Square toy

Combining the love of my children with the love of making has made such a difference in how I view life and work. I do what I love now. I’m not looking for anyone’s opinion but my own! And It feels special and amazing to bring my kids along with me

Both of my big kids have a toy pattern they helped me with. Now to see if the baby will do anything besides be adorable and model for me!

Comment below to tell me how you find your voice to express yourself!

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The “Not A Square” Experience

Crochet cube baby toy crochet sensory toy for kids Crochet pattern for block toy textured Crochet square toy pattern for Children

Hello, Friends! I am so glad you are here! Check out my Ravelry or Etsy to browse my designs!

WARNING: I talk about brownies below. I might be hungry while I write this. And I might be in need of something yummy to go with this perfect cup of coffee on a dreary June morning!

Today I celebrate one month since the release of my crochet pattern “Not a square toy”, and friends. Everything around this design has been filled to the brim with joy. The interactions and connections I have made on social media, the responses from my customers who love the design, and the cheers of my friends who are happy for me and with me. I could not have even hoped or dreamed of this kind of joy around my first crochet pattern!

It’s just been a “the cream cheese icing on the perfect brownie” moment.

Not a Square crochet toy pattern made with Lion Brand Jeans yarn. Designed by Ila Quinn Designs.

Crochet is such a joyful part of my life! It is styled and quirky, and my moments of peace and a deep breath during a stressful day. It feels like freedom to my hands! It was the first craft I ever learned and it lets me do whatever I can think of! I can make it look like anything I want, and if it doesn’t work I can just frog it and try again! Speaking of frogging. I remade my latest pattern 4 times, and it was totally worth it!

Crochet cube block square pattern Crochet Baby Sensory toy Child block toy soft toys for kids children's toy cube
“Go Insane, Go Insane, Throw some Skittles, Make it Rain”

Sometimes joy strikes when we don’t expect it. And sometimes we have to make a little joy when the world is being stingy with the icing. I’m going to bask a little in the happiness and take this feeling along with me into my next pattern (which is coming very soon!).

Crochet cube block square textured crochet sensory toy pattern Intermediate crochet pattern Photo tutorial written instructions

I’m going to go make brownies now. I can’t stand it anymore!