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The Willow Sweater from TLYarnCrafts:

Cotton spring threequarter length sleeve sweater designed by tl yarn crafts and sewn by ila quinn designs a comfortable and unique geometric seamed sweater

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The Willow Sweater is off my hook and in my closet!!! And I am so pleased with how it turned out I thought I would share a little about my yarn choices, Positive ease, and styling my latest garment!

You may know that I am into slow and sustainable fashion. I make, buy used, and fix old clothes nearly exclusively. With that purpose in mind, I have been using my handmakes to fill in gaps in my wardrobe!

Each January I participate in Fuzzy What Knots #acrossthewipline

It’s a really fun way to finish your projects that were put aside and get your crafting off to an organized and successful start to the year!

Another finish from this year!

Last year I finished a sweater, infinity scarf (which is a free pattern on my blog!), and another scarf which is a free pattern Designed by Leah over at

This year I finished not one but FOUR sweaters and tops that are all designated for my spring wardrobe!

The first finish was my longest ever wip the Enigma hooded cardigan.

The second was my bright as sunlight Lined up vest in one color!

The Third was my pattern that is currently in testing, the Star Lace Cardigan:

And the fourth was my Willow Sweater designed by Tlyarncrafts, which is what I’m here to talk to you about today!

First I will talk about my yarn choice! We all know cotton is known as a spring and summer choice, and for good reason! It’s cooling against the skin and still adds weight and drape to your garments! I adore cotton. It’s a fantastic solution for those of us with wool allergies, and it is truly a tough long wearing yarn! With the right cotton, it will still be soft and comfortable against your skin, so I highly recommend finding garment-worthy cotton yarns before you dive in!

Bernat Softee cotton is pretty great. Affordable, really good structure and stitch definition, is comfortable to wear, and adds weight without heat! The perfect combination for my spring wardrobe!

The willow sweater is made with two colors. I wanted to keep my teal/green theme going in my wardrobe so I used the colors “Refresh” and “Pool Green”!

The colors work well with what I already have in my closet, and because they are colors I love working with them was really enjoyable too!

Let’s talk Positive Ease and choosing the size to make!

I love an oversized cozy long-sleeved sweater. You can tell because I design and make them regularly!

But for this make, I am aiming for SPRING. Which means might be cold and might not be. But most likely it will be both (Idaho, amIright).

I decided to do a fitted sweater! This works really well with the structure of the cotton yarn, and would allow me to fill in some of the gaps in my wardrobe! I sized down 2 full sizes from what the pattern called for in my bust size. This took it from being an oversized sweater to a fitted garment! I shortened the sleeves to 3/4 length for coolness and because as much as I love a good puffy sleeve they can be a hassle in day-to-day life with my toddler. And I wear my makes constantly. And they need to be manageable!

Lastly, let’s talk STYLE!

I’m leaning into my love of mild steam punk light vibes and chose to pair it with thrifted tan bell bottoms and this beautiful brown linen jacket with brass clasps!

Go check out the pattern from TLYarnCrafts and grab the yarn from LoveCrafts

I love this design and am so glad I get to wear it all summer long!!!