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Biased Marie Sweater

It’s a beautiful and cold morning here in the West, and I cannot think of a better day to share more about my pattern, the Biased Marie Sweater!

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Can I tell you something?

I love this sweater…

Don’t mind the frosty glow in the photos. The clouds were super excited about it too!

Remember to pick up the notions you will need for this project!
A cute pair of scissors
A super gorgeous set of wooden hooks that will have all the sizes you need!
Or just a decent ergonomic hook to keep your hands healthy!
Tapestry needle (My mom always called it a darning needle because she would use it to weave yarn into socks to repair them).
And at least one Stitch Marker!

This sweater is worked on the Bias, which means corner to corner! You will use Aran weight yarn (heavy level 4 worsted or light level 5 bulky) and some quick texture techniques that will have you flying through the panels! 

I really enjoyed figuring out how to use squares to make a sweater! I often enjoy the shaping and design elements most when it comes to creating a new pattern! 

I spent many years designing garments out of fabric, and one of my favorite things about yarn garments is how it interacts and shapes differently than their fabric counterparts! The shaping used in crochet is vastly different from what is needed in a sewing project, and that will always fascinate me! 

One thing that will remain the same is how seams add an elevation and wearability to a garment that cannot be reached with most seamless designs. I love the drape and fit that is achieved simply by seaming the pieces together! I encourage all crocheters who aspire to garment stitching to find a seaming method that works well for them! 

In this pattern, you can expect to find textured but simple stitches, light use of turned stitches as a design element, seaming, and ribbing! 

This design was a huge passion project for me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!