The Starburst Ball: Crochet Sensory Toy



The Starburst crochet toy pattern is a spikey ball Sensory Toy that is created with 24 individually made spikes that are sewn together in a cube. The crochet Starburst toy ball can be made into a rattle or just as a bouncy ball!
Crochet densely with turning rows so the ball will BOUNCE!
This pattern is good for Intermediate level crocheters or adventurous beginners! The pattern has written instructions, photos, and schematics making it a great pattern for learning new techniques! We give details on how to accomplish the structure and density of the toy and I also suggest many yarn options! This is great for anyone who struggles with yarn weights or wants to be accurate and learn something new!

This toy is a wonderful project to take on as you are collecting handmade treasures for your new little one! It is a bright and sophisticated sensory toy making it an item to be cherished for years to come, and it’s so beautiful that it will brighten your baby’s room until they are old enough to play with it!

Pro tip: Make it in colors that look amazing in your nursery so this can be a decor item too!

This crochet ball/ cube is made with individual spikes that are crocheted flat and then joined to create a squarish shape. The spikes are then assembled into larger sections and finally sewn together and stuffed. The final size will be around 9 inches around.
Gauge and pattern are worked with worsted weight yarn held double. This can be substituted for a bulky weight yarn as well!

As with all toys and blankets and per the warnings of the medical community, keep out of cribs and away from babies when sleeping or unsupervised when suffocation can occur.

This design is the sole property of Ila Quinn Designs. All copying and redistribution of our intellectual property are prohibited. The purchase of a single pattern or a group of patterns gives the purchaser the right to make the design and/or sell the finished item. The sale or distribution of this pattern by anyone but Ila Quinn Designs is strictly prohibited.

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