Emerald green Mirror bead stitch markers


One-of-a-kind Emerald Green Cube mirror glass beaded stitch markers! Set of 4 dark green cube-shaped stitch markers are delicate and feel glamorous to work with! The mirror side on each bead changes based on the angle you are at (kind of like opal) and the colors are so vibrant.

These beautiful beaded markers can do double duty as bracelet charms or shawl pins! They pair beautifully with finished yarn projects!

This set is one of a kind!!!


The beads are dark jewel tone Emerald green, but they are mirror glass, which means they have one side that is reflective and has a rainbow of colors! These are lightweight and small so they won’t pull on the stitches of your more delicate to medium-weight projects. The clasps are small as well because these are designed specifically to be used with medium to lightweight yarns. Shawls in fingering weight, or lace to DK weight sweaters! These are perfect for keeping stitch counts for you and making sure you don’t lose any of that precious progress you sneak between naps and school runs.

They are about an inch long!

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