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Solve For X: Crochet Toy!

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Its here, its here, its here!!! Look at this bright beauty!!! I am SO in love with this gorgeous toy! Like my last one, I cannot keep this away from my kids. They sneak into my craft room and run off with it ALL THE TIME. Trying to get pictures taken before it dissapeared into the depths of their rooms was a CHORE.

The Neon Sundrop Crochet Toy in Lion Brand Cupcake colorway “Clown Car”

But I wouldn’t have it any other way! If I’m going to make something I want it to be well loved! I’m never happier then when my kiddos are excited about a new pattern. I’m so lucky to have such a support team. We would make big corporations jealous.

Lovecrafts recently asked how I express myself through craft. My answer is my kids and fibers. And when those two meet there is magic! I was struggling with the yarn choice for this toy and I ended up asking them what I should do (kind of in desperation). The first words out of my eldest boy’s mouth were “You should make it a kind of a rainbow”. I don’t know if this is what he envisioned when he said that, but he loved the outcome and is so proud to have contributed to the final product.

My daughter inspired the Not a Square toy

Combining the love of my children with the love of making has made such a difference in how I view life and work. I do what I love now. I’m not looking for anyone’s opinion but my own! And It feels special and amazing to bring my kids along with me

Both of my big kids have a toy pattern they helped me with. Now to see if the baby will do anything besides be adorable and model for me!

Comment below to tell me how you find your voice to express yourself!

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