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December Make Along: Interview with Gwen @Gwengoods

All the links in this post will go directly to the content of the person I am interviewing! Please explore their content and follow along through their various sites, shops, and emails for more amazing patterns and more!

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When did you start crocheting, and why?

I learned to crochet as a young girl from my Grandma. And then later as an adult, I started Crocheting enjoying the creative outlet it provides, I have been crocheting so long it has become a part of me.”

What are your favorite items to create and why?

“I really enjoy making accessories of all sorts; cowls, hats, and jewelry. I like taking a skein of really gorgeous yarn and turning it into something beautiful!”

Tell us about a design you are particularly proud of, and what sets it apart from the crowd?

I am particularly proud of Layers of Lace featured in Crochet World Magazine. It is a beautiful piece that combines different types of lace into one gorgeous doily.

Will you show us your contribution to the December MAL?

Tell us a few features of this design and what you love about it?

I really love how you can create a pattern that provides options! This hat can be made from the top down or starting at the brim and working up. It has a seamless look and can be customizable within the size or length.”

Do you make other things besides yarn art? What are your hobbies or other products in your business?

I primarily focus on creating patterns and crochet goods, but I do enjoy dabbling in freeform crochet and embroidery.

Tell me something about you that you want other people to know, or that you wish more people understood?

“I love creating beautiful designs and crochet goods but the most important thing to me is community. I love creating with gorgeous indie-dyed yarns! When we lift each other up, we can make great things!

Will you show us a few of the things you have designed or made?

I’ve made two of these and the lacey pattern is so fun to make!!!

Give a look around Gwen’s shops and come back and tell me what you love most!!!
Gwen is a prolific designer and she makes elegant and elevated designs!!!

But like she said. Community is where it is at! So come for the crochet art, but stay for the kind artist behind it!

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