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Cross Stitch Pattern Release: Sea, it’s a Turtle Bookmark”!

Small Easy Quick Cross stitch green and teal sea turtle bookmark pattern

I am beyond in love with this darling turtle bookmark pattern! How fitting that I should be releasing it right before Valentine’s day!

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Small Easy Quick Cross stitch green and teal sea turtle bookmark pattern
Be still my heart!

This design has been on my mind since I released my large “Sea, it’s a turtle in Teal” pattern last summer (come for the stitching, stay for the puns). I had the idea to make a smaller sea turtle. I know an 11 inch design can be overwhelming to some, so I wanted to offer an option for quicker stitching that would have a similar esthetic look and feel.

Small Simple Easy Green and Teal Cross stitch sea turtle pattern
I will never be able to decide which turtle is my favorite turtle

The retro frame for the “Sea, it’s a small turtle in Teal” offers a slightly different design element to the larger wall hanging, and has a lot of striking details that make the design pop.

The colors of the Turtle Bookmark are only a selection of the ones used in the larger two patterns, but they give a bright and happy feel to this quick make! And if you click that bookmark link up there you can find an option for a printed copy of the pattern mailed right to you!

I use for all kinds of things! And they have threads available too!

Make sure you pick up all the items you will need and get yourself a cute pair of scissors too!

Green and teal cross stitch pattern collection large Turtle wall hanging small turtle framed in hoop turtle bookmark
Sea, it’s a small, large, and tiny turtle in teal!

So often we cross stitchers run low on time. Our art form is one of the slowest for sure! So I love to offer quick and happy makes that can restore a stitcher suffering from cross stitch block, or one who is feeling stressed in other areas of life, and just needs a small thing to get them through.


cross stitch bookmarks cross stitch bookmark collection teal and green cross stitch bookmark set Musical notes and Treble Clef bookmarks small Sea turtle bookmark
Do you detect a theme among them?

Seriously. I adore each one of them!

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