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How It Started:

Since I was a little girl, crochet had always been a happy place for me. I loved to manipulate the yarn and figure out new to me stitches. This was before YouTube and we didn’t have a stitch dictionary so I would just fiddle around with it and think of new things. Of course, now I know the names of those stitches! Extended Single Crochet, Treble Crochet, Waist Coat Stitch. But to my young mind, they were fresh and new!

Fast forward a few more years and I found myself becoming a mom for the first time! My little ones were going to be dressed from head to toe in Crochet goodness! I made hats and booties, bibs, and blankets! When Halloween rolled around I was itching to make my little man a Crochet Dragon costume, but I couldn’t find ANY patterns online, so I decided to design it myself!

I wrote a few notes and kept decent track of the number of rows in each section. I often received requests for special orders based on my designs so I wanted to set myself up for success “Just in case”. What followed was 7 years of selling as many dragon costumes as I could produce, along with a healthy selection of special requests. My summers and falls were filled with green dragons and cups of coffee left to get cold on the side table.

Since I came from a history of designing my own clothing I feel deeply connected to the shapes of pieces and how they work together. It gives my patterns a structured and shaped finish. I have used my love of textures and geometric shapes to make each piece I produce. And I love to Keep It Simple! I want my designs to be as easy as they can be to recreate!

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I’m so glad you are here! Please wander around and see all the crochet and cross stitch patterns I have available! Make sure you check out the blog for free patterns and information for crocheters!


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