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Cross Stitch and Crochet Patterns. Tips, tricks, and more!

Lemon Peel Stitch Scarf Free Pattern Beginner Crochet Pattern Easy Infinity Scarf Pattern Lion Brand Jeans Yarn Project

Check out my Crochet Patterns!

Accessible crochet patterns that range from scarfs to costumes and toys!

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Learn tips for cross stitch and crochet from a woman who doesn’t like to waste time!

I like to find the most straight forward and efficient way to accomplish my craft. And I will always share those insights with you!

Check out our selection of cross stitch patterns and kits!

Our patterns can be downloaded instantly, printed and mailed, or purchased in full kits with everything you need to frame or finish them!

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We Have a Selection of Crochet Sensory Toys!

These toys are fun to make and are wonderful for children to play with!

These toys are also wonderful stash busters!

Not A Stitcher? I Offer Hand Made Beautifully Finished Pieces Delivered World Wide!

These fully customizable cross stitch pieces can be made to fit your decor or favorite colors! I work with you to pick just the right colors so you will love every inch of your personalized cross stitch piece!

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Themed Collections

To fit any room or budget. Completely customizable color palette

Retro Style Home Decor

Perfect for the Lava Lamp Lover/ 70’s decorated room/ Nursery!

Get Gifts for Anyone On your List!

Give the gift of a thoughtfully curated piece that will fit perfectly into your loved one’s home!